Shaklee’s Get Clean Nontoxic Cleaning Line Makes for a Healthy Home and Planet!

I have been making the switch.

Every week I make a change of something I’m doing to be more environmentally conscious. Whether it’s taking cloth bags to the grocery store or replacing our bulbs with energy-efficient ones, all of these little changes do, I believe, make a difference.

And now I have switched my chemical cleaners with the Shaklee line of nontoxic cleaners - Get Clean.

First of all, I love it because it is better for us and for the planet.

But here’s something that I never considered before. I mop the kitchen floor every other day or thereabouts, and our sweet cats dish is right there. So all of this time, I’ve been putting chemicals right next to him and if food falls out of his dish, he’s going to eat it off the floor – I wouldn’t want to do that, so why should my little fella have to?

So now I use the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate, which I can use on my floors, and even windows and mirrors! It has a fresh, yet natural scent and is safe to use. I really do love it!

And for little jobs around the house, I’m toting around the Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Wipes, which I use for cleaning up in the kitchen and bathroom and are fantastic when someone is dropping by unexpectedly and you want to do a quick clean. I just run them around the sinks and counters and it really makes a difference!

And for cleaning around the toilet, I use Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes. I also used them after my fella and I had bad colds. I wiped everything down from the light switches to the radio alarm clock. I’m not saying that they have prevented us from getting sick – after all, we take our vitamins, try to eat well, etc. – but we haven’t been sick since.

Shaklee now offers a Get Clean Starter Kit and a Get Clean Healthy Home Pack that helps to eliminate packaging waste from landfills and greenhouse gases and will give you all the cleaners that you need to keep a clean house without all the added chemicals.

See the whole Get Clean product line here and start changing your ways.

Just one day at a time.

And see what a difference it makes.

Stephanie Dickison

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