Renova Black Toilet Paper Is So Glam, You’ll Want to Buy It By the Case!

Renova Coloured Toilet Paper is going to rock your world!

Not only can you get the first ever, ultra-chic black, but red, orange, green, azzurro, fuscia or a mix, just to keep things interesting!

It is totally weird to use coloured toilet paper at first. It feels foreign, like something’s just a little off. Because we’ve spent our whole lives using white, it’s like if they suddenly made our currency 10 times larger or a different colour.

Certainly not bad – just different.

Black toilet paper is the ultimate in luxury, I think. It’s like real pearls, Escalades and foie gras every night of the week.

And the reaction it causes when friends or neighbours come over!

There have never been so many shrieks of delight coming from the bathroom.

People just can’t get over it!

I got some of the other colours, but I think black is the most incredible. It’s the most off the charts, the most chic and got the best reactions.

I mean think about seeing black paper in your toilet bowl.

Weird, right?

But it’s completely safe to use, actually pretty soft in terms of comfort and each colour has its own delicate, barely there scent, that not only makes the bathroom smell good and seem like you’ve just cleaned, but it makes everything in the cupboard where you keep them smell great too!

I love the lime green and orange for spring and I think red is a lot of fun too. Azzurro and Fucsia say that you are right with the times and will probably match many of your accessories and parts of your wardrobe.

Coordinating bathroom tissue with your wardrobe or decor – how cool is that?!

There are also paper towels, napkins and glossy handkerchiefs (mmm!) available in most of the colour range.

In a world when all we’ve had to work with is white toilet paper, isn’t it about time that you changed it up, lived a little, walked on the wild side and made it all about the aesthetics?

Sure coloured toilet paper won’t change your life, but it’s a start.

Shake things up and get your Renova paper on. You won’t believe how much fun it is!

Stephanie Dickison

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