Principessa’s Isolina Piccola Perfume Oil is Just the Right Scent for Spring Nights!

Now that the weather has warmed up, I’ve wanted to move to lighter perfumes. Like cutting my hair and getting a few key spring wardrobe pieces, I feel like you need to move with the season and go with what feels right for the time.

So when I first caught the scent of Principessa Isolina Piccola Perfume Oil, I knew it was a perfect accessory for spring nights.

Now that it is staying lighter longer, I’m staying out longer – going for walks, sitting on patios. Anything I can do to stay outside while the weather is warm.

And that means a little spritz of something seductive before leaving the house.

As you can see, Principessa has 2 scents Bellocia and Isolina.

Isolina has top notes of violet leaves and mimosa, middle notes of rose petals and neroli (orange flower) and bottom notes of heliotrope and precious woods. It has this heady soft floral scent that is then followed by a warm, woody musk that I think is a really unusual, but uber sexy mix.

If you are looking for other Principessa products that have the Isolina scent, they are: Bagno Bliss, Bellissima Bar, Bianco Breeze, Delizia Mia, and Fresh Fiore.

Start your own spring ritual now and change it up for the season with Principessa's Isolina Piccola Perfume Oil. It's a fun and inexpensive way to celebrate barbeque, patio and bare leg season!

Stephanie Dickison

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