The New Hang & Level Tool Makes Picture Hanging a Breeze – Finally!

I don’t know about you, but hanging pictures, especially while you are by yourself can be soooo frustrating. You’re trying to hold a pencil and a hammer and lean back from the picture or print to “get a better look.”

It’s near impossible.

Or at least it was.

But now there is help in the way of Hang and Level, an incredibly amazing easy tool that allows you to hang your pictures properly without tired arms, a strained neck, misplaced pencil markings all over your wall and most importantly, no wobbly, crooked prints!!

Basically, this bright yellow plastic wonder (invented by Canadian interior designer Liette Tousignant and her husband Kelly Krake) does it all for you – you hang the picture on it, move it along your wall to where you think you’d like it and then once you’ve picked your spot, you press a button, which leaves a slight indent in the wall, where you can then place a nail and ACCURATELY hang your picture.

This means you won’t have to shove your hand behind the picture, feeling for the wire and then try to mark in pencil where you should place it!!!!

You can then use the level feature to make sure it is on straight.

Ahh. Finally picture-hanging can be done with ease.

If you need help, there are How-Tos about hanging pictures and there are videos to show you just how easy it is to use.

And here’s the best part – it is available in a ton of stores like Canadian Tire, Black’s, Home Outfitters, Home Depot, Linens-n-Things, Home Hardware, as well as online and it is only $19.99!

Mother’s and Father’s Day are coming up.

I think this might just be the perfect thing.

Stephanie Dickison

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