Melissa’s Great Book of Produce and Fantastic Organic Grocery Items Arrived Just in Time for Spring Cooking!

Melissa’s World Variety Produce is a mecca for finding organic and specialty items.

They have the most exciting items like an authentic tamale kit and ready-to-serve crepes and sauces. You can shop for Latin items or check out the Exotic Fruit Clubs all from the comfort of your own home.

Where has Melissa been all of my life?

I got Melissa’s Organic Low-Glycemic Blue Weber Agave Syrup because it is an all-natural syrup that contains no additives or preservatives and it is “a beneficial alternative to sugar.”

It is becoming a more popular substitute because of its great health benefits and so I thought I’d make the switch. It’s fantastic! You use it in place of sugar or honey and you can even use it with baking, which I think will make it a good choice for a lot of folks – diabetic or not.

And the price is sooo great - 3 (11.6 oz.) squeeze bottles for only $13.50! When you think of how much you pay for a jar of good honey, you’ll understand what a steal this is!

And in keeping with trying to add healthier items to my diet, I also tried Roasted Organic Golden Flax Seed. Flax seed has Omega 3s and is a natural low carb. The simple act of sprinkling it on your salad and cereal each day will make you a whole lot healthier.

Easy peasy.

I also picked up some Organic Grinders that contain fresh, whole spices that you grind as you need them. I got Garden Herb with Sea Salt and Rainbow Peppercorn and they have both really enhanced our food, whether I’m just sprinkling them on my fella’s eggs at breakfast, my salads at lunch or during cooking while I make dinner every night.

And there’s something so satisfying about grinding it yourself. You’re going to love it!

But it’s Melissa’s Great Book of Produce that has got me really excited!

This wildly informative and colourful book finally discusses unusual fruits and veg that you may have see in Asian or Latin markets but have been unable to identify – until now!

The book not only introduces you to Sapotes, Horned Melon, Dragon Tongue Beans, Cardoni, Gai Lan and Nira Grass but with great photos, but will tell you how to buy and store them – even prepare them!

I have to say that I’ve never seen a book like this – it’s the best produce guide I’ve ever seen. I’m so excited that I want to go and get some new fruit and veg RIGHT NOW!

Do you think we could talk her into doing one for all of whole grocery store aisles?

I love everything Melissa’s. I think you will too.

Stephanie Dickison

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