Looking to Add a Little Zing to Your Office? Then Look No Further Than the Tonic Series Desk Set from the Greenside Group!

Ahh. I’ve just finished going through my entire desk, cabinets and drawers and got rid of everything so 2007 and updates my filing system, my desktop as well as how I manage paper.

I’ve got the Spring Fever bug and finally it made its way over to my desk.

But I couldn’t have done it without the Tonic Series Desk Accessories from the Greenside Group!

Hard see-thru plastic in hot colours like Turquoise, Green, Blue and Cherry add light and interest to my white desk alongside my white walls.

I love the just slightly-tinted blue and green Letter Trays. I have them stacked on a shelf beside my desk, allowing for a whole new way of managing my paper. I now have a place to access things I need immediately and dedicated piles for things I need to read through, file or respond to.

They fit together incredibly easily, so you can use them to fit the space you have. Along with the lovely colours offered, they have softly curved sides and a wide mouth opening, allowing you to access your papers and files easily.

These are soooo much better than those black ones that you’ve been using since ’93…

The Magazine Racks also have a nice curved front, so your papers and magazines won’t snag. It’s fun to have see –thru ones for a change. You can actually see what you’ve got stored away.


And for your actual desk top there are brightly coloured Pencil Cups and Desktop Organizers to keep your sticky notes, paper clips, pens and whatever you need close at hand. I love the Turquoise and Blue of these. It’s just such a nice change from the wood and metal ones that are offered at office supply stores.

So, now my office looks colourful, coordinated and organized.

Ahhh. That’s sooo much better!

Stephanie Dickison

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