Littledeer Mapleware Rocks My World – And My Kitchen!

In case you haven’t heard of Littledeer Maplewear, you’re about to.

This small Canadian company has been making cooking utensils since 1991 when Tom Littledeer invented the Pot Scoop, the “first fluid dynamic cooking utensil.”

The Mapleware line has since expanded to include an extensive selection of comfortable, multi-purpose cooking, serving and eating utensils, all made of heat-enduring, beautiful, hard Canadian maple.

These hand-crafted beauties are works of art, each piece signed and a little booklet attached with instructions of use and care. These cooking utensils are then not just things that you use to flip eggs or pick up your toast with.

They become extensions of your hand and become an important part of the cooking process. Once you pick up a Littledeer spoon, you will be forever changed – and thus, so will your food. You will somehow spend longer at the stove, stirring your sauce or soup. Somehow these beautiful, unique tools will transform you and the meditative art of cooking will make its way into your heart.

There is the original Pot Scoop, a Better Spreader that licks the inside of the mayonnaise jar like nobody’s business, The Wedge that has become our favourite omlette slicer and server and the Sprongs, which you will reach for multiple times throughout the cooking process and then onto the meal itself to serve and pass around the lovely food you’ve just created.

Littledeer Cooking Utensils are just about the nicest thing you can have in your kitchen. You won’t believe the difference it will make.

And now I’m going to make it even easier for you – you can now pick them online at Williams-Sonoma. Get the Littledeer Set of 5 Wooden Cooking Tools and transform the way you interact with your food.

They certainly changed the way I cook. You should see me now – flipping, stirring, paddling!

Littledeer Cooking Utensils will simply knock your socks off.

Now go get your own and see for yourself the difference quality and true craftsmanship makes.

Stephanie Dickison

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