Is Your Keyboard a Mess? Then Try the Completely Washable Wireless Keyboard and Mouse from Unotron!!

I love what Unotron has come up with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 2.4GHz Washable Wireless Keyboard that allows you to clean it completely under RUNNING WATER!

The keys are sealed, so you don’t have to worry about water getting into anything, and thus, you don’t have to worry about crumbs, dust and hair getting UNDER the keys like most keyboards. You should see my laptop keys. I have a white laptop and in certain areas, it’s rather dark from all the stuff that’s under there. Ech!

And if that’s washing it with water is not clean enough for you, the keyboard can “withstand being immersed in antibacterial solutions and rinsed under a tap,” to keep germs and other scary things away!

I love having a wireless keyboard, as it gives you the freedom to work to your comfort level and also use it in other applications (we sometimes use our television as a computer screen). This Unotron one works up to 8 meters away from the computer. How fantastic is that?!

It comes in black or grey to suit your current set up.

There are the standard keys of course, and 15 multimedia keys to keep you either really efficient or something to distract you from the pile of work in front of you that’s got to be done today. There’s Play/Pause & Stop, Next Track & Previous Track, Volume & Mute Control, Launch Homepage, View Favorites, Refresh Webpage, Launch E-mail and Calculator, with optional programmable hotkey software available. I know most people ignore these kinds of keys, but I think they’re pretty useful.

There is a detachable wrist rest, which I think is great. Wrist rests work for some people and spaces and not for others – this way, you can customize it to how YOU work. That is freakin’ great.

And the keys are actually nice on the fingertips, and have a pretty quick response rate, which as a full-time writer I really, really, really appreciate.

No software or setup. Just insert the 2 AA alkaline batteries included in the package, install and use.


And don’t forget the WM10 ScrollSeal Washable Optical Mouse to go with it!

This is such a great idea. Thanks, Unotron, for coming up with products that actually really, really help in this busy, messy 21st Century!

Stephanie Dickison

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