Incase Protects Your Mac, iPhone and iPod And Makes It Look Damn Good Too

Let’s face it. Macbooks and iPhones are not cheap.

You wanna protect your investment, but you don’t want to look like a geek either, so you traipse around trying to find a case for them that won’t take up your whole messenger bag or make you look like you do analytics for a living (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Incase is where you want to go. They have uber-cool cases that are durable, but won’t bulk up your bag. These cases will last and you won’t have to put up with a lot of bling or corporate advertising to get the sleekness and protection you’re looking for.

Take the Hardshell Case for the MacBook, for instance. It is not only going to get your laptop through the bumps and tussles of the subway, airport and crowds at the food court, but it will protect it from getting scratched and banged up.

The Hardshell Case features a frosted rubber hardshell exterior, soft-touch coating, raised rubber feet, thermal vents, and access to all that you need and use- magnetic power cable, headphone and microphone input jacks, CD ROM drive, battery level check button, and all side ports.

They even give supply a YouTube Video to show you how easy it is to put it on.

If you are looking to protect anything Mac, Incase is the place to go.

Not only are they damn good at it, but protecting Macs is all they do. Do you really want to go to the guy that just covers anything?

I didn’t think so.

Check out the entire Incase line here.

Stephanie Dickison

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