I’m Clean from Head to Toe (And Smelling Grrreat!) Thanks to Bella Pella Soaps

There’s nothing more lovely, I think, that a good clean feeling that lasts throughout the day.

And thanks to Bella Pella Soaps, my skin is soft and silky and I’m oh-so-clean. I feel great!

Bella Pella uses many natural ingredients, pure essential oils, and high quality fragrances to produce their incredible line of hand-crafted products that includes everything from natural home cleaners (woo woo!), soya candles, and items for the face like creams, cleansers, toners, masks, lip balms and face sprays. There’s even a section for men to indulge their handsome mugs in!

Just in their Bath and Shower section, they have - Soaps, Shower Gels, Bath Bombs, Bubble Baths, Bath/Massage Oils, Bath Salts, Hair Care, stuff for kids, men and even dogs!

I tried 3 soaps and have to say that I really loved the fragrances as much as the cleansing and exfoliating factors!

The Tangerine and Vanilla Loofah Soap has a lovely sweet scent and with the loofah for removing dead skin and improving circulation, it is a great two-in-one bar!

The Lily and Lime Duo Soap is also a two in one in that is it a combination of Bella Pella’s vegetable glycerin and cold processed soaps to “leave the skin soft and healthy and thoroughly cleansed.” It also has a fresh, clean scent that lasts throughout the day – gotta love that!

My favourite fragrance though was the Marula and Neroli Soap. Sexy and slightly musky, it left just a little scent behind that every once in awhile, I’d think, “Mmm. What smells so good?”

It was me!!

There is a lot to choose from at Bella Pella - their natural collections include olive oil, coconut & lavender, vanilla, green tea, goat’s milk, and rose.

Take a look around and see what excites you. You won’t believe how much there is to see!

Stephanie Dickison

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