Garment Guards Keep You Looking Cool Despite the Heat or High Stress Situations

Recently I was asked to take part on an episode of television.

Though this would not my first time on screen, I was very excited.

I had a photo shoot in the morning, 3 columns to write and get into the hands of editors by mid-afternoon and then not only get TV ready, but be cool and prepared as I would not only be speaking, but eating on camera.

I was just a little nervous, which is the way you want to be. You want to be spontaneous and not be too cool or it might not seem like you care. So I was just the right amount, I think.

But just in case, I wore my Garment Guards. You just peel and stick the circles onto the inside seam under the armpit area. They come in both beige and black and I felt a little more secure knowing that under the hot lights, no one would see me sweat. I can also see how these would be great on hot days with light coloured tees. You can relax and just enjoy yourself without worrying about embarrassing stains.

And if you’re going to go commando, then the (under)Garment Guard is for you. It’s for those days that you don’t want panty lines, but you want a little protection as well. Me, I couldn’t go pantyless, no matter what the occasion, but I was amazed at how many of my girlfriends were excited about the product!!! Who knew?

Too much information, guys…

It’s 23 degrees outside today, so you best be getting yourself some of these to wear with your t-shirts and short-sleeve dresses soon - It’s too hot to even wear a jacket!

Stephanie Dickison

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