Entertain in Style with Trudeau’s Whiskey Set!

I have been a longtime fan of Canada’s Trudeau Corporation. My kitchen is filled with great things from Trudeau and I come to trust both their design and quality over many mainstream and household name products.

And they are a family-owned Canadian company that is now has an incredible international presence, thanks to both their incredibly innovative products and impeccable customer service.

They carry everything from vegetable peelers to pepper mills, travel mugs to fondue sets – basically anything and everything you’ve ever needed to work in the kitchen and then entertain!

So when I was looking for a whiskey set, I knew where to go.

The Trudeau Lines Whiskey Set is an elegant 6-piece set with 4 DOF (double old fashioned) glasses, 1 carafe and 1 leatherlike black tray in which to serve from and then store the items when not in use.

The set is accented with smart white lines that I think set it apart from most of the plain ones that you see.

The glasses are 13 oz and the carafe 30 oz, so you can serve whiskey on the rocks, Old Fashioned’s or Whiskey Sours (all the rage right now) or whatever it is that whets your whistle and know that your glass and carafe can handle it.

I love Trudeau because they make as many things as they possibly can dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to reserve using the glasses and carafe for only “special occasions” or worry about any extra work after your guests have left!

And I think - why should your wine be the only thing that gets a little extra attention and care? Whiskey, Scotch or Bourbon – they are pretty special drinks. Why not celebrate in style?

And thanks to Trudeau, now you can.

For retail locations go to Trudeau or call 1-800-TRUDEAU.

Stephanie Dickison

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