The Designroom Group Offers Fun & Unique Presents That Are Oh So Affordable – I Mean, Enough with the Gift Certificates Already!

The Designroom Group says they have “hip modern goods” and I have to agree. It’s just one of those places where finds for folks that you are having trouble buying for abound, and no doubt you’ll find something for yourself while you’re there.

They have everything from travel, novelty and baby gifts along with luxury rubber (in this case silver or gold) ducks and “posh” piggy banks.

It’s actually a lot of fun to just have a look around! There are fun inner tubes for a colourful swim and Feng Flops, a flip flop that has a message that you’ll send out with every step you take such as health, longevity, love, good luck and goddess.

I got some great stuff!

The Mavis Vase in Black is a great addition for home or work or as a hostess present. This PVC vase lies flat until it’s time to fill it with precious flowers and some water. Easy to clean and it won’t take a ton of storage space, it’s a great find. That and it looks f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c! It also comes in clear and pink.

The Travel Buddy in Camo is a nice change from those reserved dark-coloured travel neck pillows that you see at luggage stores. This puppy is going to go everywhere with me when I fly and I think it might also come in handy at my office when I’ve got a long day of writing ahead of me. Plus, nothing says ultra cool like camo, but if you’re looking for something a little less pop punkster, there is one in leopard and one with polkadots.

For a fun and sweet gift, The Love Bag is it. It is a smiley red, puffy vinyl sack that sits atop your desk or bedside table and utters sweet nothings to you every time it is squeezed. How can you resist something that says, “I love you, you’re gorgeous,” with a big smile across his face?

And for a present that’s going to really impress the crowd, check out the new Cappuccino Sets!!!!

I got one in Daydream.

This is such a beautifully designed set – even the box it comes in is exquisite! There are 6 cups and a steel stacking caddy in which to keep them (thank goodness, because between the coffee cups and espresso cups, I don’t have an ounce of room in my cupboard!) and the design is so contemporary – wistful bird silhouettes, loopy branches, hearts, butterflies and nature come alive all in a very sweet palette – that you’re going to want to keep these out on display (there is also a set in Tartan and a set in Leopard for those of you more old school…)!!!!

But here’s the best part – the complete set is only $26!

I know! I couldn’t believe it either! This is going to be one of those gifts that I keep on hand for whatever occasion may arise.

At these prices (all of the Designroom Group items are sooo reasonable), how can you not?!

Stephanie Dickison

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