Customize Your Cards and Labels in Great Style with Erin Condren Design!

Now that I’ve had personalized cards, it’s hard to go back to plain ones. It’s like the custom designed sets are so much more me than anything I could ever find on the racks.

So I went in search for more, and boy did I swoon when I got my cards and labels in the mail from Erin Condren Design!!

Such contemporary colours and designs! So many to choose from! And not just cards and labels, but there’s customized stationery, call me cards, address labels, announcement cards, calendars and so much more!

Breathe, Stephanie. Breathe.

I got the Notecards in Daydream (pictured above), which includes 20 flat cards, 20 white envelopes and 20 return address labels designed to match, all packaged in a plastic envelope with string/button closure (such a nice touch!).

They are so unbelievably gorgeous and so nice to have so much colour! When I sent these out, people called and left messages saying that they loooooooooooved the design on the card, where did I get them, etc. My best friend in New York said I was “really up-to-the moment” with these. And of course everyone said how “me” they were.

As if I'd send anything but...

I got my return mailing address on the matching label, so writing a quick note of thanks or gratitude and popping it in the mailing became that much easier, and so, I’ve almost used them all up. It’s good, but I’m a little sad to see them go, which is why I’m going to have to place another order…

I also got something else to save me a little time – and honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a time-saver?

The Gift Labels in Cotton Candy Pink, are a freakin’ FANTASTIC idea!

Instead of finagling with a little card and little envelope and trying to get it to stay on the gift, all the while trying to rush out the door, here’s a personalized sticker with your name on it (and now you can get them in a WATERPROOF option should you need to adhere it to a bottle of wine or boat or whatever you are giving this season)!

Just slap ‘em on and go! And the great thing is, though this item will have saved you much time and energy, it will look like you spent all of this time and thought and energy.

Now isn’t that just about the perfect thing?

I swear you’re going to love these. Check ‘em all out and knock the socks off those you around you.

I sure did.

Stephanie Dickison

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