Celebrate Spring and Summer 2008 with Clinique's Latest and Greatest Makeup and Skincare!

I have come to love everything Clinique - from makeup to skincare.

It's one of the few lines that I can count on innovative products that are exciting, colourful, either mask or highlight what you want and stay put throughout your hectic day!

I wrote about their fantastic lines last summer and winter and they continue to delight me with their innovations!

So here’s what I’ve tried and loved lately:

From the Nude Blush. Spring 2008 | CLINIQUE Colour collection:

The New Blended Face Powder and Brush is ultralight and has a lovely matte finish that will keep shine away, which is such a blessing on hot days like this! The name Invisible Blend says it all – it’ll just be our little secret that your makeup is set oh-so-beautifully. It just seems to glide on. And the brush is tres soft, giving you a lovely pampered feeling as you get ready to start your day!

I have fallen very, very hard for the LIMITED EDITION Blushing Blush Powder Blush Trios. I got the Bare Nudes palette that are slightly pearlized and range from soft peach to bronze and I think it is absolutely perfect for my skin. For a long time I’ve been thinking I’d been wearing the wrong blush and I was right - Clinique’s Bare Nudes was made for me! And my friend Allison is all about the Bare Pinks palette. You should see how incredibly pretty she looks !

And I loooooove the angled brush! For a spaz like me when it comes to make up, I need all the help I can get when it comes to the application part. This brush is the only one that guides me to colour my cheeks properly so that I have that rounded apple look of Cameron Diaz while creating great definition like Courtney Cox’s sculpted cheekbones.

The Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipsticks are just gorgeous! Not only do I think the packaging is sexy – it’s like silver bamboo - but the rich, creamy lipstick goes on beautifully with a slight gloss look and feel. I got Fresh Rose and Spring Rose to salute the season!

And for the eyes, I am ga-ga over the NEW Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duos Stay Matte in Butter Pecan (light brown and cream), which are so blendable and I have to say, it’s a nice change to have something matte for the eyes, when you’ve got so much shimmer going on everywhere else! And you don’t have to worry about creasing with these, for which I am ever so grateful, as I seem to have been born with the tiniest little eyelids, so my eye shadow ALWAYS creases.

Not this time! Hooray!

But for shimmer and fantastic ease of application, the award goes to the Limited-Edition Dual-Ended Cream Shapers for Eyes! There are 2 colours with each pencil and you can line and shadow, blend and define however you like! What fun! I got the Mink/Sable blend which is a classy duo of browns and the warm combo of Brown Sugar/Cream Lustre really make my eyes pop! I like just the hint of shimmer – not too much, not too little.

And the NEW Lash Power Mascara Long- Wearing Formula (in Black Onyx!) is tear, sweat and rain resistant. You cannot get this mascara to budge (or smudge!), yet it can be removed with just warm water! Isn’t that just the thing that you’ve been searching for?

The brush swoops down to hit every lash and makes them look long and thick and ready for action. And oh yeah – it lasts for 24 HOURS (!), is 100% fragrance free, allergy tested and ophthalmologist tested, which means you can actually wear them while wearing contacts and not have to worry about flaking, tearing, etc.

I know!

From the Long-Last Bronze. Summer 2008 | CLINIQUE Colour collection:

Mmm! I am really excited about this collection, because it means that we’re talking about tanned skin, lightened hair and light, swishy dresses that take but a moment to slip into! I can’t wait!

The NEW Limited-Edition Shimmering Tones Powder Quad in Golden Bronze can be used on the cheeks and eyes and even shoulders, if you dare! It’s got a pearly glaze that bronzes and glitters and makes you look somehow, a little more rested.


I absolutely love the creamy application of the NEW Quick Eyes Cream Shadow! It looks like a lipgloss container, but this creamy, wet shadow slides on and lasts up to 10 HOURS! It’s also water-resistant so go ahead – wear it poolside and look fan-tas-tic! I think the warm, rich colours (I got Truffle, Sunlit Palm and Cocoa Shimmer) are really sexy, and even with my itty-bitty eyelids, these make my green eyes dance! I love the staying power, coverage and east application of these.

And the Limited Edition Brush-On Cream Liner (in Bronze) creates the softest lines! It’s a smooth and creamy consistency, but with the brush, it goes on as crisp a line as you like and it doesn’t smudge up like most, so you can have that soft, romantic look that doesn’t end up looking like heroine chic. Gotta love that!

And don’t forget your lips – the New Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 provides shine up to 8 hours! Let’s see your gloss do that AND protect you from the sun! They are moisturizing as well, which I am grateful for. Me and my dry lips – well, no more thanks to Glosswear!

These glosses are shiny with just a touch of shimmer so you look good, without looking too slick and wet. They are sheer, yet full of colour, which I think is rare. I love the fun and flirty coral pink of Cabana Crush, the deepness of Brandy Twist and the completely flattering Juicy Apple – I wear it and I swear I look just a little bit younger! And the rosy Tender Heart and Bamboo Pinks are perfect for right now, while the Rock Violet, a shimmery plum makes for a more dramatic evening look.

Colours are available in the Nudes, Taupes, Pinks and Violets range, so you’ll be able to get something to not only suit your skin tone, but your summer wardrobe!

Gotta love that!

And now that it is actually shorts weather, you’ll be pleased to know that Clinique’s Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion gives you a natural, healthy glow within the first 24 hours of application and gradually gets deeper each day that you reapply.

Now you won’t have to leave the house with those pasty legs and arms like you did last year.


And launched just last month, Clinique’s New Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 is one of those wondrous products that once you use, you can’t believe you’ve gone this long without it. After all, it gives great coverage without going on thickly or pancake-y and actually covers up whatever you need it to. It even helps to eliminate blotchiness and redness!

I got it in Fair and you should see how improved my complexion looks. I don’t have many complaints about my skin, but it makes me go from looking like plain ol’ me to, “Wow. You look really great.”


People said that.

You know it’s good when…

You can use the sponge applicator that comes with it or for a sheerer look, you can use the Powder Foundation Brush.

Now let’s talk skincare.

Clinique has got solutions for whatever ails you. It’s amazing!

There’s the Even Better Skin Tone Corrector that helps “to undo the visible evidence of sun damage, skin stress, age spots, hormone changes and acne scars.”

They should have called it “It’s a Freaking Miracle” Cream.

It can be used anywhere on the face, hands and chest and not only works on the age spots that you might have, but works against new ones forming!

My skin went from its usual boring self to bright (read: more radiant) and smooth without much effort at all.

In fact, my skin became so evenly toned that my usual desperation for not leaving the house without makeup went out the window. My skin looked good on it’s own.

I know. I couldn’t believe it either.

But it’s true.

You have to use an SPF with this one, but hey, it seems like a small thing to do for such a great reward, don’t you think?

And the New Redness Solutions Collection everything in its power to rid you of redness.

There’s New Redness Solutions Soothing Cleanser, Daily Protective Base SPF 15, Daily Relief Cream, and Urgent Relief Cream that all work to keep your skin from being irritated or itchy. It is actually suited for highly reactive skin, so go ahead and give red skin the boot!

And I looooove a good moisturizer and Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief delivers moisture for a full 12 hours!!

The light cream/gel sinks into your skin immediately and it’s like a wonderful cool, quenching bath for your face and skin.

My face never gets that dry, cracked feeling – even at the end of the day - and I swear my skin looks more supple.

I love this stuff!

I know this was kind of a long blog today, but you can see how much new stuff Clinique has.

It’s all available right now – at Clinique counters and online.

You’re going to love it! I sure do!

Stephanie Dickison

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