Happy Earth Day! Celebrate and Buy a We Add Up Organic Cotton T-Shirt and Fight Global Warming!

This is just about the coolest idea ever.

Here’s how it works:

We Add Up is a global campaign using organic cotton t-shirts that literally ‘counts you in’ in the fight against global warming. Every shirt is printed by hand with a unique number. YOUR number represents your place in the sequential global count of all the people who are taking steps to help stop climate change. As the count grows, we demonstrate to the world that ‘WE ADD UP.’”

Isn’t that awesome?

My tee counts me in 1644. And on the back, you can choose a word or phrase (that is then illustrated in a cute icon) that describes how you and others can help reduce your own carbon footprint. There is everything from turning off the lights to carpooling.

I think I got the best one though – Shower Together.

It doesn’t get much more fun than that, does it?!

The tee is 100 % certified organic cotton that is grown and manufactured in the United States under strict fair labor practices.

And if you’d like something else, there are also water bottles, tote bags and mugs as well as kid’s items to choose from.

We Add Up’s goal is to get millions of people around the world counted in and committed to helping stop global warming.

So join in the fight. It won’t cost you much ($25 for a t-shirt) and for once, you’ll actually feel like you’re making a difference.

I feel better already.

Stephanie Dickison

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