Blue Lounge’s Space Station Just Turned Tidying Up My Desk Into One Easy Step – Can Your System Do That?!

I swoon when I hear the name Blue Lounge. After all, they are the company created such cool products such as Cool Feet, one of the coolest and innovative products that I wrote about awhile back and that I still use each and every day at my desk.

So when I heard they were launching a new product, I just about lost my mind with joy!

The Space Station is a quick and easy way to tidy up your desktop. They call it “an extended desk organizer for laptop users,” which is way better than I could have described it.

It is a long sleek low-riding unit that sits just 5 mm above your desk. You can plug and unplug all of your accessories and necessities – iPod, camera, printer, etc. – in one easy swoop, but you don’t have to dig around or fight with cords and plugs.

Just plug and play.

And all without jumbled cords in sight!

Ahh. Serenity has just been found.

There are other fantastic aspects, like a holder for paper or business cards, and you can put your phone and other items right on its top.

The Space Station comes with an AC adapter and is just about the greatest desk clean up tool I’ve ever seen!

And so now, I am antsy with anticipation -I can’t wait to try The Sanctuary, another fantastic and brilliant idea that these guys have come up with!

Sigh. Hey, if I’m going to addiction, it might as well be one that keeps my desk tidy.

Thank you, Blue Lounge. What would I do without you?

Stephanie Dickison

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