Tact Beauty Care Takes Me Around The Globe With Their Discover the World Collections!

Tact Beauty Care has introduced 3 Discover the World Collections – France, Greece and India.

The France Collection is all about lavender, Greece offers up wonderful olive oil products and India debuts their products in ginger!

These collections are available at natural food stores nationwide and prices range from $3 to $24, so not only are they readily available and affordable, but they are made from natural ingredients, so you can feel good about using them. The other thing I like about them are the sizes – everything comes in a good portion, so you don’t have to be running out every week to replenish your soaps, etc.

But what you will probably notice first, as I did, is how wonderful everything smells. Secondly, how good it feels on your skin, hair, etc!

From the Discover the World France Collection, I tried the Lavande Liquid Soap, which not only smells lovely, but makes your hands feel soft and cared for.

And the Olive Oil Body Scrub from the Discover the World Greece Collection has finely crushed olive pits, which scrubs away your dry skin and lives you with shiny, new, supple skin. - it feels fantastic and revitalizing to get all of that “winter skin” off and get ready for spring! And there’s something so satisfying about using olive oil products - it’s so natural and smells so pure that it becomes a whole mind/body experience. Can you say that about your current morning shower?

I didn’t think so.

And from the Discover the World India Collection comes Ginger & Spices Hair Conditioner which smells so good, you’ll catch yourself pulling your locks in front of your face all day! And with ingredients like ginger, liquorice and sunflower seed extract, your hair will be smooth and healthy and feel good all day long. I am addicted to this scent!

And please, have a look all the products in the collections because there’s a lot of great stuff in there and there just isn’t enough room here to cover them all!

I’m off to scrub, wash and cleanse. And if you see me smelling my hair or hands or arm, it’s not because I’m crazy – I just smell that good!

Stephanie Dickison

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