Marware Offers Up Great Protection For Your iPhone, iPod, Laptop – All of Your Most Important Electronics – All in a Very Stylish Package!

Take the C.E.O. Flip Vue for iPhone from Marware, for example.

This Napa leather case flips open so that you can actually use your iPhone with ease. The thick, sumptuous leather protects your phone while making it comfortable in your hand.

The case can act as a stand, both vertically and horizontally, which can be great if you want to watch something on the plane or train or you want to show someone something without having to hold it like a Price is Right presenter!

There is also a removable 360 degree rotating ratchet clip that can lock into any position, which means you can attach it pretty much to anything. Which I have to say is a great feature. You don’t want to always have to wear it on your belt like a computer technician, do you?

It comes in Brown and Black with a nice accent swoop that makes it look like an accessory and not something that came from Radio Shack.

And the C.E.O. Cover Vue for iPhone is also great. It has all the same features as the Flip Vue, but also offers protection for the Dock connector, while the upper lid protects the screen.

You should have a look at what else Marware's got. You’re sure to find an iPod case, clips and accessories and laptop products and software that will not only make life easier, but protect the things that matter most.

I mean, I know our phones and mp3 players are really just gadgets, but wouldn’t you be kind of lost without ‘em?

Stephanie Dickison

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