Lang Calendars, Cards & Gifts Help Get Me Organized!

I don’t know about you, but I’m under a pile of papers – bills, business cards, photos, postcards and cards that I’ve received, one’s that I’d like to send… It's like this every February, don't you find? After the holidays are over, things just tend to accumulate.

It’s a mess.

But I’ve found solutions at Lang Calendars, Cards & Gifts!

Although you might know Lang more for their calendars, cards, mugs and recipe books with their signature designs , I found some great little organizing tools that really has helped clear the clutter.

The Metro Basic Address Book has a beautiful, thick cover with a wonderfully modern design in soft blue and chocolate (you’ll just want to smooth your hands over it all afternoon), but wait until you see what’s inside!

Unlike most address books, the Metro Basic has lots of room to write names, addresses, phone numbers – including a space for cellphone – and emails. But that’s not the best part. Beside each entry are 5 years that you can track gifts sent and received – it’s all in one convenient place!

That is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in organizing in a long time. No need for separate lists or notebooks. Brilliant!

You can look through all the different covers and get to organizing not only your contact information, but your birthday and holiday gift lists as well!

After the holidays, I’ve got photos everywhere. Film photos, photos taken off my phone, photos I was given that now need framing… it’s a mess.

But thanks to my new Tiki Hut Small Photo Envelope Album, I’ve got a good start to getting them organized! The thick cover with the fun graphic is a wonderful way to store photos. This one holds 24 4” x 6” – just enough of a roll of a family vacation or your best friend’s bachelorette. I’m putting together photos over the years of a friend and I and this will be just the album of us. I’m going to get more of these small ones (in different designs) to sort my photos this way and then get some of the Large Photo Albums to organize the rest. I’m excited. I’m finally putting all of those memories in a box in a format that I can actually enjoy them!

And I’m really excited about Lang’s Photo Envelopes because not only are they fun and portable, but you can use them as a decorative (and safe!) way to mail your photos through the post!

I got one in Polka Dots and it’s such a sturdy little thing! It’s made from very hard board and has a magnetic closure for make sure your photos don’t get spilling out. It’s also much bigger than those ones you get at the office supply places where you can only fit 4 or 5 photos. This one holds 24 4” x 6”, so you can either carry them with you in your purse or while travelling or send them to a friend.

I’m sending one to my friend Allison in New York. She just moved there about 6 months ago to further pursue her acting career and I’m so proud of her. Every couple of weeks I try to send her interesting things about the city and some mementos to keep her company while she spends days at auditions, rehearsals and trucking back home on the long subway ride. I think a fun envelope of photos is just the thing to make her smile.

Lang has cards and note pads and journals and recipe books – things to keep you organized in a fun and stylish way. You should go have a look.

I’m off to get my photos in order. I can’t tell you how good this feels.

Hey, wouldn't an album or envelope of photos be a nice Valentine's gift for someone?

Just a thought.

Stephanie Dickison

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