Join the Deva Revolution and Make Your Hair The Best It Can Be!

Whether you have curly, straight, wavy or chemically-processed hair (or all those, like yours truly), Deva’s Hair Care Products are for you!

This is one of only a few cleansers and conditioners that I found that absolutely drenched my hair in moisture, which is truly unbelievable with this head of straw, but Deva did it!

They have 3 lines of hair care available – DevaCurl, DevaCare and DevaColor. I tried products from the first 2 lines and boy am I in love!

In their own words, “We took the Poo out of shampoo making it possible to cleanse and hydrate without the use of the harsh detergents that are found in conventional shampoos.”

And I have to say that my hair felt both incredibly clean and moisturized with all of their products, which is not the case for some natural cleansers. The DevaCurl line is actually suitable for all hair types and is botanically infused and 100% sulfate-free. DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser, DevaCurl Low-Poo Cleanser and DevaCurl One Condition smell amazing and made my hair soft and silky - something that doesn’t happen often, ladies and gentlemen! I used them everyday and each day, my hair looked, smelled and felt fantastic. I’m thinking Deva should just change their name to Miracle Workers!

And the DevaCurl B' Leave-In kept my hair’s softness and the lavender-scented Herbal Cleansing Tonic - DevaCurl Mist-er Right – is an absolute dream! It adds moisture while relaxing me with its scent. Can your drugstore products do that?!

And for styling, you’re going to want to get DevaCurl AnGell Conditioning Gel. It’s lightweight and non-sticky and defrizzes your hair immediately, which I think I’ll be living in during the hot summer months! And DevaCurl Set it Free Moisture Lock smells great (lemon-lime!), adds shine and moisture, so of course I’m using it everyday!

DevaCare is meant for color preservation and it also botanically infused and 100% sulfate free, with the addition of vitamin C. These too are great for all hair types!

The DevaCare No-Poo Cleanser, DevaCare Low-Poo Cleanser and DevaCare One-Condition are just as lovely as the DevaCurl ones – great smelling, moisture-locking and soft hair! They also have a Leave-In Conditioner - DevaCare B'Leave-In – that is fabulous and I love their DevaCare Arc-Angell for styling and great hold.

Deva makes some of the best haircare prodcust I’ve ever come across. And now that they have a new line – DevaColor – I think I’ll have to give it a try.

How can I resist?!

p.s. There’s also the Devacurl Try Me Travel Kit (3 oz bottles of One Condition, No-Poo, Angell and Set It Free) that is fantastic! I took it to Montreal with me last week. I highly recommend it - it's one less thing you have to think about when traveling!

Stephanie Dickison

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