COTE et CIEL Le Gant Laptop Sleeves Keep My Laptop Looking Stylish While Being Protected!

My laptop and I have been through a lot. It’s seen my through pieces that got me the cover of a magazine and articles that didn't get published after all.

Just this past week, my sweet little laptop got me through the completion of my book manuscript, a feat so huge it’s a wonder I was able to do it at all.

Sometimes I want to take my computer out, show it a good time, show it different places. Last week the water had to be turned off due to repairs, so my laptop and I went to the library for the day.

Protecting my laptop is vital. After all, my life is on here – my emails that track all of my work and scheduling, my documents that are my livelihood and of course my book manuscript. Ack.

And so while I want to protect my most vital asset, I don’t want to do it in some big, bulky black thing that students get from Staples. I want something sleek and sophisticated. Bold and ingenious in design.

I want it all.

And I found it in COTE et CIEL’s beautiful Le Gant laptop sleeves.

Both 15” and 17” formats, allow you to cover and protect your Windows or Mac laptop in style.

I got one in Sandshell and one in Sunset Red. It’s soooo nice to pull a vibrant colour outta your messenger instead of the usual black or grey. The red makes me and my laptop very happy!

The neoprene sleeves fit snugly around your computer without any zippers, which means it’s easy and fast to slip on and off and you don’t have to worry about possible scratches!

The 17” Sandshell, a soft cream, actually fits my fella’s tablet perfectly. He takes that thing everywhere with him as he likes the extra layer of protection that it offers him and his precious computer, without the bulk that you find with most cases today.

You can browse the whole line at COTE et CIEL’s Online Store.

Stephanie Dickison

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