Book List # 5 - Books That Will Make You Think and Maybe Even Cause You To Take Action!

As you know, books are my refuge and my saving grace. For me, there is no more enjoyable way to learn, to lose yourself and to travel to other worlds – all within the comforts of your own home.

This book list is a good one. It’ll have you really questioning things, which I think we all need a little bit of, especially in the middle of February!


Stephanie Dickison
Publisher & Editor of the knack

Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen
Jane Hawking

This is quite the story of love, sacrifice and the frailties of human life. Sure there’s the controversy surrounding Stephen’s care, their marriage and possible affairs, but here’s one side of the story.

Whether it’s true or not is a different story.

Spent: A Graphic Novel
Joe Matt

His round-drawn figures against a sage green background get up to no good in this book. And that’s just how you want it.

Joe’s comics are fun to read and I think he was a great way of conveying feeling and expression in just a few strokes.

And it’s darned funny, too.

The Truth About Food
Jill Fullerton-Smith

This is one of those books that will probably shock the hell out of you.

There are tons of facts laid out in large white type against a black background:

“There is a chemical in tomato skins, which is also fund in watermelons, guava and red grapefruit, that acts as a natural sunscreen, helping to keep your skin younger for longer.”

But none more shocking than this:

“The aromas of food can affect the volume of blood flowing into a man’s penis.”

I’m assuming you’re going to want to know more about food after that.

Me too. I read the book in 3 days.

I think it’s one of the best books out there about the basics of food.

Once you’re armed with the basics, you can take it from there.

Making Magazines
Fresh Dialogue Seven/New Voices in Graphic Design

This is one of those invigorating books that by the time you’ve reached the last page, you will be writing short stories, cutting headlines from magazines for a collage and rereading books that you didn’t really get in university.

It’s inspiring and engaging and even enraging at points.

Can you say that about the last book that you read?

Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist
Mike Farrell

You probably know him best from his role as B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H, but Mike Farrell was an activist long before that.

He is a proponent for human rights and is opposed to the death penalty. Just these two issues alone has got him involved in many causes and fights such as Human Rights Watch and Win Without War.

This biography is enlightening and moving and don’t worry – it’s not all about the inhumanity of man. There are fun parts too.

A great book for those that want to learn and do more.

Stephanie Dickison

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