Yoropen Has Changed My Life. Wanna Change Yours?

We pick pens based on how they look, write and feel in our hands.

But rarely do we choose them for how good they are for our poor, overused, overextended, carpal-tunnel-ridden hands.

I have incredibly sore hands from writing much of the time. They get so worn out that I drop soup bowls, can’t lift a full laundry basket or mop the kitchen floor.

The Yoropen actually offers finger support with a little shelf that your finger rests on thus reducing writing strain and saving your hands. The tripod grip can be adjusted to what feels most comfortable to you.

Both left- and right-handed folks can comfortably use these pens, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Yoropen’s unique design makes it possible for you to actually see what you’re writing as you’re writing it! Perhaps this will make us neater writers? It’s a thought…

And an added bonus is hat the rounded plastic cap is PDA screen safe, meaning that you can use it as a stylus and see what’s on the screen while you’re tapping. Brilliant!

Yoropen has won a bevy of awards for its innovative design (it won the ISPA & Innovation Award 2005 for one) and if you want an amazingly heartwarming reason to do something, read what inspired inventor Bao Shen Liu to create the pen:

“The inspiration in creating Yoropen was from my lovely twin daughters Yoyo and Roro who were born prematurely... it [the Yoropen] was designed as a unique gift for the whole world. The children will enjoy learning and writing without stress and pain. Hopefully people using such implements can overcome conflict."

And if that doesn’t get you, this will – it works.

I have had to write a lot more than usual lately. Normally I spend 8-10 hours at my desk, but I’ve got a book manuscript due at the end of the month and so I’m pulling even longer hours.

At the end of a normal working day, my hands can be completely spent, barely able to chop vegetables or write a quick thank you note. With the book, there are some nights where I can barely lift them.

Though they are still fatigued, I’ve been using the Yoropen for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that I have been able to write long handed for longer than I’ve been able to in years. And because my hand usually tires so quickly, my notes have become almost completely illegible. But since using the Yoropen, my writing is a little loopier, a little more open, allowing people to actually be able to read my words. I used to get phone calls asking me what this word was and what did you write at the end there? I haven’t had a phone call regarding my awful handwriting in about 3 weeks.

I can’t imagine not using them now. They have not cured my hands, but I have a feeling only doctors can do that. However, they have helped immensely.

Just when I was about to give up. To just live with it.

I am grateful to have found the Yoropen. You don’t have to have severe hand pain to enjoy it. In fact, if you use the Yoropen, chances are you’ll save your hands from the fatigue they’ll undoubtedly endure what with computer typing, clicking on the mouse, writing reports, thumbing on your Blackberry on and off all day and everything else that you’ve got to do in both your personal and work life.

There are 3 lines – Executive Series, Everyday Use and a Children’s Line. There are refillable pens and pencils and mini sized pens and crayons for children.

I suggest getting all of them.

In bulk.

I did.

And it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Stephanie Dickison

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