Redo Your Walls with the World’s First Magnet Receptive Wallpaper!!!

Pepper-mint has created an ingenious product – Magnet Receptive Wallpaper!!!

Simply hang the MAGSCAPES Wallpaper as you would regular paper (Each roll is Width 62cm x Length 5 m and hangs with regular wallpaper paste) and then add any MAGSCAPES Decorative Magnets you choose to liven up your space! There are many designs to choose from!

I like Twilight Swirl for a romantic look and Raw Silk a classic feel. You’d be surprised how thick and good quality the papers are. I got a plain white one that is simply lovely and really refreshes the space with a few simple well-placed magnets.

It is safe for children and pets and won’t interfere with your electronic devices and computers. The magnets stick well enough not to slip, but are also easily moved and changeable to suit your mood.

Just think – your walls just became interactive and instead of buying new furniture every year or two, you can simply change the magnets you’re using for a whole new look!

And MAGSCAPES can also create an original design for you – both in wallpaper and magnets – which is really exciting! An original design just for you!

Or, if a whole wall of magnetized paper is a little too bold for you, get Borders or Posters to invigorate your room. This way, you’ll have a small accent that you can still play around with using the magnetic accessories!

And have you seen all of the cool magnets that are available? I got Colour Discs (which you can write on and wipe off), but just love the Photo Sleeves (!!!), Mirror Swirls and Retro Shapes!

I love how personalized you can make your home with MAGSCAPES wall coverings and magnets.

Get your own sample to try here . I think you’ll soon be hooked.

I know I am!

I started in the kitchen and now think I should tackle my office, and then the living room with a border maybe…

Stephanie Dickison

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