Pamper Your Skin With TOVA’s BEVERLY HILLS NIGHT Luxurious Bath & Beauty Products

The TOVA BEVERLY HILLS NIGHT Collection is lightly scented with a clean, soapy, slightly floral scent that is just the kind of fragrance that I want to wear – and layer – both day and night.

I had the opportunity to try the whole line and I have to tell you – it’s simply lovely. Soft and sensual, alluring and yet classy. Like the classic scents of past decades, I really think this is one of those that you can wear throughout your lifetime and not tire of it.

The TOVA Nights Fragranced Body Wash is this beautiful pearlized thick liquid that feels so luxurious going on and makes me feel clean (and soft!) all over. The Body Lotion is surprisingly thin, but boy does it work! Somehow it feels like adding actual water to your skin! And of course, it smells absolutely lovely!

For a lighter feel, give TOVA Nights Fragranced Body Soufflé a try! It’s thickly whipped and has just a touch of fragrance.

TOVA’s Signature Elixir is a thick, pink liquid that melts into your skin for a long-lasting pretty scent. And for something a little different, try TOVA Signature Eau de Parfum Spray. 28.5% is pure essential oils so you get a really deep and unique scent - It has rare bergamot citrus, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and musk to entice you and those around you.

And for your lips, there’s TOVA’s Lip Redeemer Duo, which is a thick moisturizer for dry lips. It is a clear matte, so you can wear it on its own or under lip product to protect your lips throughout the day. Rub the stick on a tissue or your wrist before the first use to break the seal. Then, apply as much as needed.

Because it gives such a thick application, it really lasts and removes any dry skin that you may have, making them softer and smoother immediately. A great necessity for this cold weather.

You can buy them all via the QVC website.

Stephanie Dickison

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