O’Coco’s are a Great Way to Have Chocolate – Without the Guilt or Calories!

I know you probably overdosed on chocolate throughout the holidays, but I’ve found a fantastic treat that allows you to get your chocolate fix, without all of the calories – or guilt!

O’COCO’s come in 0.7 oz bags and are only 90 calories per bag! They are lowfat, Certified Organic and have no cholesterol. And you’ll be pleased to know that these crispy, light wafers are baked, not fried.

There are 3 satisfying flavours to choose from – Original Chocolate, Mocha and Cinnamon. Every time I thought I’d found my favourite, I find a new one. So, I have to honestly say that I love them all. And in fact, so did the neighbours…

The lovely folks at O’COCO’s sent me a box of each flavour. That’s six bags chocolate, six bags of mocha and six cinnamon!

I could have just kept them for myself, but I wanted to share the wealth, so one Tuesday night, I had the neighbours over to come and get their share.

People picked out a couple of each flavour and went on their merry way. The following morning the emails started rolling in:

I finished all three bags in less than an hour… I’m addicted.
I barely made it home before guzzling the first bag.
Where can I get these?!?

It turns out I started a frenzy. And I have to warn you, once you try these snacks, you’ll be hooked too!

But with ingredients like Organic Whole Wheat Flour and Organic Cocoa Powder and at only 90 calories per bag, they are way better for you than those corner store potato chips and that tub of cookies ‘n cream in your lap.

Try them for yourself. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

Stephanie Dickison

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