The New Green is Black Store Offers Chic Eco Fashion at Reasonable Prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What bothers me most about eco fashion is how expensive it is. I looove bamboo clothing and recycled water bottle socks and the whole bit, but on a writer’s salary, I can barely afford a headband at most eco fashion stores I go into.

But there is a new store on Yonge Street (and online!) called Green is Black and for once, eco chic can be had by all!

It just opened and offers women’s and men’s eco clothes, accessories, shoes, sale items and gift cards. And the store only deals with “manufacturers who employ fairly paid labour practices: this eliminates the dilemma of choosing between fashion and ethics. “

I am super excited because I can actually shop here. And if I’m not in the city, I can shop online. Either way, I get my eco fix and look and feel better for it.

I looove my new Ole Ole! Soda Can Earrings! They’re made from recycled soda and beer cans by Mademoiselle Lemieux in Quebec, sweatshop free. Each pair is an original and no two are cut alike (Isn’t that what you want in your accessories? I know I do… if I see one more of those Tiffany bracelets…).

My pair is drop silver with a square of magenta and hot pink soda can (I can’t figure which soda it is) and then a larger silver square framing it from behind. Simply exquisite!

And at only $25.00, I can afford to get the bangle made out of plastic bags or a Shilpa, an incredibly amazing scarf that once you read about how it was made, you’ll never get another $10 “pashmina” from the mall again.

Go check it out now. And tell me what you get. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Stephanie Dickison

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