Hammocks & High Tea Makes Wonderful Home Goods Inspired By Life & Fusion of the Tropics

I am really becoming more aesthetically aware as I get older, which means I’m getting choosier about what cards I buy and even the tea towel that sits on my fridge door. All of these choices add up and say something about who you are and what you like.

So when I saw the stationery, textile and home design of Karen Young’s Hammocks and High Tea out of Brooklyn, New York, I knew I’d found something (and someone) special.

Karen’s designs are inspired by her childhood spent in South America “surrounded by an incredible combination of British architecture, history, and Caribbean/multicultural influences. Hand carved wood statues, ornate architecture, cobblestone streets, and exotic flora and animals were a daily part of life in the tropics.”

Her products are also inspired by her grandmother, “memories, old photos, and travels; trips to the zoo, walks through the town center, the open air market.”

It is wonderful to see someone really enjoying their memories instead of setting them aside in a photo album, only to be glanced through in retirement. And to make them your business is very inspiring. I could learn a lot from this gal!

Karen’s stationery and textiles feature tropical designs that are hand drawn and screen printed and the result is simply elegant and warm patterns that soothe my soul.

I love the Windowsill cards, which are sweet and simple and perfect for any occasion. The Sorrel design reminds me of Jamaica somehow, where warm winds and hot sun drench my skin. And Sari of course, makes me want cumin scented rice and a hot sweet tea.

The Hello Doily cards are such fun, as are the Good Day and the Climbing Vine Thank You Cards are beautiful. You know I can never have enough gorgeous thank you cards.

All cards are printed onto heavy (110 lb) recycled paper with non toxic ink. They are so lovely that you’re going to want to buy them by the box!

And click on Home Goods to check out the loveliest tea towels and drawer liners ever! The Indian Summer Tea Towel would make a beautiful dress, don’t you think? It’s made from organic fabric, so buy a bunch while you can!

And check out the lovely Tea Set by clicking on Etc. What a wonderful gift!

I absolutely love what Karen makes. Hmmm. Do you think we could convince her to make bedding next?

Stephanie Dickison

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