Wanna Give Your Home a New Look in the New Year? Look No Further than Graham & Brown’s Flock Effect Wallpaper!

Wallpaper has had a resurgence these last couple of years and what's really hot right now are classic styles that have been revamped and modernized.

Graham & Brown has created a very exciting line of Flock Effect Wallpaper that immediately updates your home and adds that dramatic flair that you’ve been dreaming of.

And it won’t cost you a fortune ($40 USD per double roll – 10 m long x 52 cm wide)!

You can just do a hallway or one wall of the living room to add a bit of zip or do the entire bedroom for a sexy, spicy new look.

There are 3 designs in 4 colour schemes:

Elizabeth is a large-scale damask that comes in Pink & Silver, Black & White, Chocolate & Turquoise and Bronze & Chocolate.

The big flowers of Herald remain elegant in Chartreuse & Chocolate, Bronze & Chocolate, Chocolate & Turquoise and Black & White.

The Vanity collection is sophisticated (large leaves) despite its resemblance to the past. Either Bronze or Silver adds extra luminosity. The design is available in Black/White & Silver, Bronze/Black & Lime, Bronze & Chocolate and Silver & Chocolate.

The velvety feel of the flocking becomes even livelier thanks to the bright colours and modern choice of contrasting background. And these wallpapers are so thick, so decadent, you will feel rich even before they go on the walls!

I am surprised to find that I loooove the Pink & Silver Elizabeth, as there is no pink in my home. I want it all over the bedroom. I also like the Chocolate & Turquoise for the living room. The colours are remarkably soft. And the Bronze & Chocolate is so classic, you could put it up this week and still love it 8 years later.

And Vanity in the Bronze/Black & Lime is a perfect small room or wall addition! It is so modern, yet so familiar somehow. And the Silver and Chocolate makes me want to redo the whole bedroom around it – get a very heavy Ralph Lauren/Dark Wood look going instead of my current, white and chrome/silver setup.

The Herald collection is somewhat subdued compared to the other two, which is a nice change of pace. And because it’s a simpler design, I cannot choose my favourite among them because they are all so pleasing to the eye.

And the flock effect with its feel, well, you just want to keep running your hands over all of them! Mmm!

(Note: You can’t really get a full sense of the look and feel of these from the website. You’re going to have to touch ‘em!)

And if the whole velvet look isn’t your thing, not to worry. Because Graham & Brown have just released new bold, graphic wallpaper by British Interior Designer Linda Barker (Changing Rooms).

These too feel familiar, like New York penthouse suites from the 60s and 70s. There is a slight Asian feel with an even more slight William Morris ambiance.

There are 2 patterns – Tempting and Adorable.

Tempting is a large scaledesign with big Chrysanthemums filling the wall in 3 colour options – natural, slate & stone, ruby & cream and celadon & stone.

These too have a bronze accent to make the paper really pop.

Adorable is a subdued leaf design that is available in cream and complements beautifully the Tempting line of wallpapers. I like it just on it’s own for a classy and not overpowering accent.

These designs are $35.99 per double roll (10m long x 52 cm wide).

You can now redo your home, even if it’s just a wall or a small room, for a fraction of what a designer would charge you, and you can update it immediately without having to scour stores (and dip into your savings) for new furniture and accessories!

Graham & Brown not only knows where it’s at, but makes it affordable for those of us that want our places to look fab, but don’t have the money for designers or complete makeovers.

Thank goodness.

Now I just have to decide which paper goes where.

In the meantime, I’m just going to keep rubbing my hands over the Flock Effect collection.

I just can’t help it.

Stephanie Dickison

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