Get Healthy This Year with Organic Japanese Ingredients from Miso Master, Emperor’s Kitchen and Emerald Cove!

I love Japanese food, so miso soup (soybean soup), garlic and ginger and nori (dried seawood) is a real treat, but if you’re not eating this items, you could be missing out on major health benefits.

Did you know that miso soup consumption is linked with up to 50% reduced risk of Breast Cancer? It also aids in digestion, prevents your cells from free radicals and aging and has been effective in reducing chronic pain, among other things.

So starting the year with MISO MASTER’s Organic Mellow White Miso and Organic Traditional Red Miso. These gentle, soothing, smooth tasting soups are fantastic in making you feel more aligned, a little stronger in taking on the world. It somehow calms you in the midst of chaos. These two soups are the most commonly known ones, but try the whole line – there is also barley, sweet white, brown rice and chickpea miso! Isn’t that great?

And MISO MASTER’s Organic Misos are the way to go because they go the extra mile with new tamper-proof lids, no irradiation, no GMOs, sun-dried, traditionally made, Macrobiotic-quality sea salt, and they use the most easily digested form of soy. They also make it using ancient Japanese techniques, which means they make the barrel, shape the koji (grain that have treated), collect the koji, fill the barrel, press the miso, ladle off the tamari (soy), harvest the miso and then clean the barrel.

These are authentic, artisanal, hand-crafted misos, folks.

Can you imagine all of that work for soy paste?

You can see why I love these guys the most.

It comes in various sizes – 8 oz or 16 oz cups, or if you plan on having it everyday, then you’ll need the 4 lb or 15 lb pail.

You keep them in the fridge and then when it comes time to make a bowl, just put some water, tofu, scallion, and wakame (kelp) in a pot, simmer and then add ¼ cup of miso (serves 5-6) and dissolve and you’re ready to eat.

And why not add a little Emperor’s Kitchen Organic Ready-to-Use Garlic and Ginger as well? It’s great to have on hand and you don’t have to worry about chopping, blending and trying to clean out your garlic mincer.

Again, the quality of this product is phenomenal. This garlic and ginger is not only grown in an agricultural area free from heavy industry and mining, but it is grown on organic farms in China and tested for chemicals residues and containments before sale.

I’m pretty sure your no-name brand does not go to that trouble.

There are chopped and pureed varieties available and make sure to try out the Organic Roasted Garlic. It’s a great addition to cooking.

And EMERALD COVER PACIFIC NORI is not only organic but Kosher! So if you’re making sushi or other Japanese fare, try their Pacific Nori, Pacific Sushi Nori, and Spicy Nori Snack. It’s what I’m calling “the good stuff.”

This post is making me hungry. I’m off the make a bowl of soup.

There’s nothing else like it.

I hope you’ll try it out for yourself. It feels fantastic.

Stephanie Dickison

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