MysticMaid Lives Up To Its Promise – It Really Is The Most Sensational Cleaning Cloth You’ll Ever Use!

There are a lot of companies that claim to be the best, but quickly fall short of their promises.

Not MysticMaid.

For their Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, they say, “The Most Sensational Cleaning Cloth You’ll Ever Use or Your Money Back.”

Well, keep my money, because it IS the best.

How do you like that?

And it gets better.

It’s machine washable.

And it cleans glass, stainless steel, chrome or tile. All with just the cloth and a little bit of water!

I’m always looking to clean faster, better and with less product – this cloth makes all of that possible.

You can use it all over the house. And it comes in a PowerPad, which are 2 MysticMaid cloths wrapped around high-denisty foam “for cleaning dirt, grease and grime without cleaners or chemicals.”

I know. I couldn’t believe it either. But I tried them and they work! Really!

And the list continues.

For the kitchen, there is the Original Microfiber Diamond-Weave Bar Towel that leaves crystal, glassware and china lint-free, spot-free and streak-free, the Original Microfiber Super-Absorbent Towel that is up to 3 time more absorbent than cotton and absorbs up to 5 times it’s weight in water! Tthis is one that you’re going to want to keep nearby…

And for when you’re at the stove, cooking up imaginative stews, soups, and sauces, keep the Grease Blotter on hand. This package of 10 round blotters removes grease and fat by-products from your cooking. Each sheet absorbs up to 2 tablespoons of oil and has been approved by the FDA.

For the bathroom, they make a Sports & Outdoor Ultra Absorbent Towel that has an “absorption speed that is 5 times faster than cotton towels,” and is compact, light weight and dries quickly.

And so that your hair will dry more quickly as well, MysticMaid has a Thirst Premium-Spa Quality Self-Securing Hair Turban that is ultra-absorbent, dries your hair quickly and then dries itself quickly too! It made from a super absorbent material woven with ultra-fine microfibers, which “absorb water from hair faster and more thoroughly than ordinary towels.”

Once you start using all of these products, you’ll wonder how you got by without them.

MysticMaid makes incredibly useful products that are now a regular part of my daily routine and as needed now as my first morning coffee.

Stephanie Dickison

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