I’m No Dummy, But I Love the OrganizeMY Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies Professional Version Software!

Always on the lookout to be more organized, I was intrigued when I came across the OrganizeMY Electronic Filing Cabinet for Dummies Professional Version software.

It comes complete with life-tracking tools for things like your net worth, real estate, insurance, warranties, inventory, accounts and PINs, passwords, UserIDs, vehicle information, estate plans, prescriptions, medical records, personal ID, information about moving, renovating, careers, pets, travel, weddings, small businesses and more.

Now, I certainly don’t need all of that, but I do want to organize certain information and have a place for vital information that I can access quickly and easily.

This software does it all for you. You insert the CD and it installs the disc for you. Then all you have to do is click through the folders and plunk in the information. Easy-peasy!

I love the ease of use and being able to go back and grab information as you need it! The files are all set up for you and you can add to and change them as you need. It really can be as personal as you’d like to make it and is just like using Windows Explorer – same look and feel, so it’s not like learning a whole new program – whew!

You can save emails from Outlook in specific files (say Auto, for instance) so that everything is with like information and you can even set up reminders so that you’ll remember that next doctor appointment, insurance policy renewal, etc!

This is great for any individual who is looking to optimize their information and fantastic for small and home businesses – finally, a way to keep track of the email trails, information and quotes, notes and numbers!

I am having a blast using it and think that it will go a long way in saving me headaches at the end of the year when I have reconcile statements, send out invoices and keep track of what I’ve got to do and when.

Organizing on the computer just got a little easier. And just when you thought it couldn’t be done…

Stephanie Dickison

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