i heart guts makes fun and wildly original tees, totes, plush toys and stickers that are guaranteed to make you smile!

How can you not fall in love with a company that has a t-shirt that has 2 little blue kidneys running toward each other and the caption is “when urine love?”

All of the i heart guts “guts” on the site and on the products are happy little fellas that simply make you smile and giggle. These are the scary kind that you’ll see on medical websites. These are guts that are happy to be alive, who want to sing and dance and be with you wherever you go!

There’s nothing else like them and no doubt your chest will get the most attention it’s had since that summer at the cottage in ’83.

Not only is it a fantastic tee, but they have lots more like it. I’m particularly fond of the black lung tote, the gimme some sugar pancreas tee and the plush internal organs set (heart, lungs, liver and kidney) that is sure to delight friends and family!

These tees are made with great love and care and it is a great way to honour your innards, wouldn’t you say? I mean, how often do we acknowledge our lungs or kidney? This is the perfect way to send a shout out to your guts and thank ‘em for sticking around and taking such good care of you.

This bright gold tee goes with everything and is 100% cotton American Apparel.

I want one of each.

Lucky for me, there’s a free sticker with every order.

So I’m going to order ‘em one at a time …

Woo hoo!

I do heart guts!

Stephanie Dickison

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