Fabrix Cases Envelop My Tech Stuff Beautifully

Our laptops, cell phones, iPods and cameras are all becoming more beautiful to look at with beautiful exteriors and options to personalize. Which is why you want to protect them from the constant jostling that comes with city life.

But don’t simply give up and go to a big box office supply or electronic store and get something in black nylon.

Uh uh.

Why do that when you can cover and protect it in the prettiest fabrics from Fabrix Cases?

I got one for almost all of my favourite gadgets and I have to say, my favourite part was picking out the materials for each one.

I chose floral infusion for my camera case, a gorgeous sumptuous laptop sleeve in black flora printed polycotton, pink fuschia polka dots for my iPod and the beautiful kimono inspired Sakura Gardens Japanese Cotton case for an iPhone.

And as is stated on the website:

“Each fabrix case is individually handcrafted with beautiful fabrics, and quality stitches. Each case is lined with quilted paddings that offer the optimum level of protection to your devices.”

So now your valuables are going to be well protected AND nice to look at!

Sigh. Isn’t that much better? And they won’t cost you a fortune either, so now you have no excuse not to give them a try.

Stop with the black nylon, people. Life is too short for ugly bags and sleeves.

Stephanie Dickison

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