Clipper Makes Soothing Organic Teas Perfect for This Cold Weather

On days like today, when the streets are covered in snow and ice and the wind is harsh, all I want to do is curl up with a thick book, sit under a soft blanket on the couch and have a hot cuppa tea.

And even though the weekend is long over, I am hosting my in-laws, running errands and trying to get a few articles out before the end of day. The reading and snuggling under the covers will have to wait.

But the cup of tea doesn’t have to.

And I have just discovered the most soothing teas by Clipper, a UK company.

They offer Fairtrade and Organic Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milkshake Mixes and the very British Oat Cups and Malted Drinks.

And the most amazing brews – Organic Ayurvedic Detox Tea, Mint Fudge Tea, Organic Drinking Chocolate with Cinnamon and Single Estate Teas like Bright Penny, Adam’s Peak and Organic Bourbon Vanilla!

The selection is wonderful – you will have no trouble finding something for you or your friends and family!

But I’ve decided to investigate their green and white teas as I want to get as many antioxidants as I possibly can throughout the day.

Their Organic Green Tea is a Fairtrade green tea, and they say is “possibly the best green tea to be grown anywhere outside China.” It is way better than those cheap yellow and green boxes that you buy at the corner store. There is such depth and comfort in each cup. It is simultaneously refreshing and soothing.

Clipper’s White Teas are also very high in antioxidants. White tea is made from the unopened buds of the tea plant and makes a light yet full cup of tea. It is similar to green tea, but often described as more refined.

I get their Organic White Tea with Peppermint which has a nice hit of mint and is good for headaches and tummyaches.

My very favourite is the Organic White Tea with Ginger, which also is good for nausea and an upset stomach, but I just like it anytime of day – on a cold afternoon such as this, or after dinner while we watch a movie or curl up on the couch to play cards or a board game. The spicy organic ginger is fantastic, but it is quite subtle compared to some ginger teas on the market. They have balanced it beautifully, I think.

I sit and have a cuppa before getting back to work and then heading out to see family after that.

Ahh. It is just what I needed.

Nothing soothes me like a good cup of tea.

And Clipper makes some of the best.

Check ‘em out for yourself.

Stephanie Dickison

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