Bésame Cometics Makes Exquisite Powder and Foundation

I love a beautiful powder compact.

My dear friend Victoria with her always painted lips, has a beautiful one that a friend gave her and when she pulls it out at the end of our meal, I am transported back to another time and can’t believe it’s not 1924 and we’re not at a gin joint, waiting for some fellas!

So when I came across Bésame Cosmetics Pressed Powder Cashmere Powder Compact, I was blown away!

This custom-designed gold metal compact has the Bésame flower on top and come with a red velvet pouch and applicator. The powder comes in 3 shades – light, medium and dark and gives you flawless coverage. Natural ingredients like vitamins A, C and K help fight aging and natural zinc offers protection from the sun. The satiny, silky texture and beautiful compact will make this powder an wonderful and special everyday ritual.

Also unique is their Soufflé Foundation that is whipped and silky and offers coverage against pimples and dark circles. It is lightly scented with tea rose extract and comes in 7 delicate shades.

If you are looking for makeup that will do the job AND make you feel feminine, Bésame Cosmetics is where it’s at!

Stephanie Dickison

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