BOURJOIS Paris Has Created the Most Fun Makeup!

I love a company that makes a product fun to use. And that’s what BOURJOIS Paris Cosmetics is all about – have fun with your makeup!

And because it is on of the oldest French cosmetics companies still in operation, you won’t believe the incredible quality of their products!

But don’t worry – BOURJOIS Paris is anything but stodgy! Their packing is so much fun and so different from the boring ol’ containers that we’re familiar with in North America.

The other fun part of their line is that they loooove colour, so everything is bright and vivid and being from Paris, they are always right on top of the top colours of the season.

I love, love, love the mini Bourjois Paris Le dressing du Regard, which is a wonderfully bright eyeshadow “wardrobe” that holds 3 mini eye shadows and includes a double-ended sponge applicator. It is the size of a compact, yet holds 3 shadows – pretty fantastic, if you ask me.
And the colour range of shadows is so wonderful. Not only can you buy them separately, but they recommend which other shadows go with it AND how to apply it, so there is no guesswork! Brilliant!

For evenings, I adore 56, which is a bright, shimmery lime, 58 which is a sassy seafoam and 50, which is the most resplendent gold I’ve ever seen. For everyday wear, I’m loving 46 – a simple, clean white highlighter, 47, a light peach that is a perfect, allover colour, 45, a light silver, 54, a dark metal grey and 53, a rich brown that looks good with all of my office wear!

And continuing with the mini Bourjois line, the smallest little mascara you’ve ever seen. Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara makes my lashes look fantastic and dark and sexy. Mmm! And the mascara comes with a little thread so that you can attach it to your cellphone. What a fun idea!

And what a fantastic lip line they have!

One of the coolest items I’ve ever seen it the Contour NO COLOR Colourless Lipliner, which creates an invisible barrier and locks your lip colour in place – invisibly! I use it every single day! It’s so great!

Another great find is Gloss MENTHOL, a transparent lip gloss that also freshens your breath!

And to keep my lips their silkiest, I’m using the Duo Scrub & Baume, which is a combination buffing brush and lip balm.

Docteur Glamour is an 8-hour moisturizing lipstick to keep your lips looking supple all day long, thanks to ingredients like mango and shea butter. I got 16 РLilas Ausculté and 19 РBrique Secouriste, and they both look fantastic and very natural.

Pulp ACTION Lip-Plumping Gloss in Rose Sexy has teeny, tiny little sparkles that you can barely see but catch the light. Soo sexy, especially when your lips are a little extra pouty. Mmm!

And one of the best straight-ahead lip glosses is the eau de gloss which comes in 6 sheer and pearly shades and is really hydrating (it’s made with 14% water!) and is non-sticky (thank goodness!) and has menthol which creates a cooling sensation on your lips.

I love BOURJOIS Paris, because they made cosmetics fun again – and I look damn good!

Stephanie Dickison

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