teaposy is the prettiest of them all!

Teas that flower and bloom are the latest craze in hot drinks, but none are prettier than teaposy , a company that specializes in blooming teas.

Sure there are loose-leaf, sachet and bagged teas available. And teaposy even manages to make these everyday items beautiful, but it’s the blooming teas that I am most excited about!

To watch your tea blossom and unfold in front of you is awe-inspiring and takes tea-drinking to a whole new level. It becomes an even greater ceremony during your frenetic day.

It is a chance to give pause and watch nature at work and the teaposies, as they’re called, are just extraordinarily beautiful. In fact, each teaposy is individually crafted. Here’s the whole story from the website. It’s incredible.

“Every Teaposy is completely hand-crafted in the Fujian Province, from the tea fields to the final blooming work of art. First, the Silver Needle White Tea is harvested, dried, and withered for two hours at 212° to remove impurities. Then, it is sorted leaf by leaf and placed in bundles of equal length and weight. These tea bundles are then sewn together with jasmine, calendula, rose, lily, amaranth, camellia, chrysanthemum, or carnation flowers to form one of Teaposy's 8 patented blooming tea designs.”

And not only that, they taste wonderful too.

teaposy has not only the most beautiful blossom and other teas, but offer elegant, handmade glassware in which to watch your tea unfurl. There is the new Thinker’s Line of modern, double-walled glass cups, pots and presses, along with their Classic Line of glassware with names like “daydream teapot,” “soul mates,” and “light my fire.”

There are exquisite gift sets which make a wonderful hostess, housewarming, anniversary or birthday present.

There is the blossom, garden or snow dance gift set which all come with different teas and glassware.

I got the garden gift set, which is so beautiful that I almost didn’t want to use it for fear of ruining it. But I was too mesmerized not too, so off I went to make some tea.

For two, of course!

The gift set includes the Tea for Two teapot (lovely straight lines and ultra modern) with a built-in loose tea infuser, two soul mate cups and saucers (so elegant in glass!) and a box of a medley of 6 wondrous teaposies, with the most beautiful names – Heart of Love, Falling Water, Butterfly, Calendula, Lady Fairy and Noble Essence.

How can you not be uplifted when drinking teas with names like these?

And to look at them – each blossom is so distinct - Lady Fairy with its pale blossoms forming a kind of handles, the heart of love’s vibrant orange sprigs, calendula’s sunshiny yellow puff and so on.

The neat things about these gift sets is that the teaposy can brew “up to 80 oz of tea and can be displayed in cold water for about a week or more,” so you can enjoy them long after you have emptied your cup.

The blooms are made from Silver Needle White Tea and are rich in antioxidants. The flavours are soothing, cleansing and warm. You will get hooked to the pure taste and suddenly, you’ll be tossing out your grocery store brands – only the best from now on, you’ll say.

And you’ll be transformed.

Because teaposy isn’t just a cup of tea – it’s a quiet moment in your day to watch something extraordinary happen.

Isn’t just the kind of thing your day needs?

I thought so.

Get your set here and be sure to check out their tea collections.

Better go and make room in the pantry now. You're going to need it...

Stephanie Dickison

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