Sugar Lily Designs Makes the Perfect Modern Card

Change of jobs, new homes and relocating to a new city has been a regular occurrence amongst my friends and colleagues lately.

That means tons more care packages and notes going out every week from my little rolltop desk. But try to find – on a regular basis, not just the once – the perfect card for all of these things.

That’s why I was so thrilled to find Sugar Lily Designs!

Brenna Giannini makes these beautifully simple, elegant and engaging cards that are warm and sweet all at once.

On her website, she talks about how the cards came to be:

“I have always known that art should be a part of my life, but until recently, I wasn't prepared to actively pursue art as a way of life. In March of 2005, I started drawing and experimenting with color again - I think I had forgotten how much I LOVE color. I learned how to design a website. I let the creative blood inch it's way back into my veins and then it happened...I gave birth to Sugar Lily!

This is my project. My baby. The thing I want to put my heart and soul into. I hope that it brings as much joy to others, as it has already brought to me in it's young life.”

What a story! What cards!

Sprightly, modern shapes in beautiful, warm reds and oranges, greens and blues make a blank card come alive, and all of this before you’ve had a chance to write a word! Her thick cardstock is pure quality and makes for smooth writing.

Brenna has a card full of coloured circles with a small, but important “thanks” in the bottom right-hand corner. Another has sleek stripes in pale, traditional milkpaint colours with a simple “hello” above them.

I love the drawings of chickens with “howdy” above them and the feminine green octopus that just screams “write a funny or heartwarming note in me.”

These simple and sweet designs are perfect for any occasion.

I’m off to get started.

The hardest part?

Choosing amongst all the beautiful cards.

But hey – what a problem to have.


Stephanie Dickison

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