Piaffe Makes Me Feel Like A Million Bucks!

It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally, a box arrives crushed, with bottles broken and alluring scents filling up the kitchen.

I was heartbroken with my Piaffe bottles and jars arrived a mess of shards of glass amid the prettiest scent. I couldn’t even open the box fully – there was cream and glass everywhere!

So I emailed the company asking if they’d be able to send another package. I felt awful but at the same time, I couldn’t forget how thick and creamy the lotions seemed on the side of the box and that scent – it was one of the most beautiful fragrances I’d ever come across!

Soon after, a new box arrived at my doorstep (many thanks, Piaffe) and I was able to try the products for myself.

In the morning and evening, I washed my face with Piaffe Horse Chestnut Gentle Facial Cleanser and was amazed that with no scrubbing or scratching needed, I was able to remove my makeup in one gentle sweep, including my stay-put liquid eyeliner which truthfully, always ended up staying a little behind no matter what I’d used up until now! Thanks to the natural horse chestnut (not the animal horse– these products are not made out off nor tested on animals!), green tea and chamomile, among other soothing ingredients, your skin is not only clean, but it feels so refreshed and baby soft!

And for once I felt like I was removing my makeup with something good and replenishing instead of stripping it dry like some drugstore brands of makeup remover.

Of course I was immediately smitten and went on to apply Piaffe Pure Indulgence Moisturizer. It is incredibly light though its richness is evident as soon as you apply it – your skin IMMEDIATELY feels refreshed and hydrated. It absorbs quickly so you feel the effects right away! With vitamins A, C and E and of course, natural horse chestnut, it keeps your skin drenched with moisture while plumping it into supple goodness throughout the entire day!

And if you think that sounds good, wait until you try the Piaffe Horse Chestnut Velvet Body Crème!

It is extraordinary and really, though I am a writer, I cannot think of enough words to sing its praises.

Remember how I went on and on about the frangrance? It is so clean and fresh smelling and I have never had such luminous and supple skin. When I apply this crème, I feel like a gazillionaire and all day long, I can feel the moisture in my skin – it’s not just a first-thing-in-the-morning after application thing. This is super long-lasting. So much in fact that when I slip under the sheets, I still feel the silky smoothness on my legs, arms and torso. I think this is how rich people must feel all the time.

Now that’s a body crème.

The natural horse chestnut, shea and mango butter, aloe and honey or the extracts of marigold (anti-inflammatory), chamomile (soothing) and green tea (anti-oxidant) that makes it so luxurious to use.

It even smoothes fine lines and cellulite.

Yep. It’s superfantastic. And the huge glass jar that smashed on its way here the first time is enough to last you awhile, even if you slather it on everyday like I did.

I’m going to order this by the case.

Because some things you just can’t live without.

(p.s. I just found out they do cosmetics too... woo hoo!)

Stephanie Dickison

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