I Know This Much is True – True Cosmetics Are a Must-Have For Fall

The fall season is all about rich, deep hues – textures and layers, warm tones and intense colours.

TRUE - a fantastic skincare and cosmetics line that is sold exclusively sold through high-end salons and spas - has introduced 10 new sophisticated shades for fall: for eyes, cheeks and lips. The colours, inspired by nature, have the most beautiful names and will inspire you to wear that coat that you bought that is just a little edgier than you’re use to and perhaps even rock a new hairstyle!

I say that because these colours are inspiring and may just get you out of your usual makeup routine that seriously – you have to change for fall. And don’t worry – these colours are going to make you want to.

I love TRUE because their eyeshadows come in 4 distinct textures – natural, matte, shimmer and expressive – so you can choose the type that suits you best – and their new shades are the perfect accessory to the season! The are rich in pigment so you won’t need much, which means it’ll last longer. Their fall colour palette includes:

Wenge a rich molten chocolate colour
African Violet for the purple craze that you’re sure to get caught up in
Jasper a shimmery bronze that will match your metallic bag
Rosewood a warm matte brown perfect for any occasion
Phalaenopsis a soft white with just a hint of glint is perfect for highlighting or making a dramatic appearance

TRUE makes 2 kinds of blush – cream and powder and they have 4 new ones for fall. You’re going to love these. Soft and feminine but not at all ballerina pink, these blushes will make you look healthy and youthful all day long.

Blissful is a natural beige-y-pink powder blush that is perfect against the charcoals and onyx of the season while Rapturous is a wine coloured mauve that is sure to keep you look spritely – as if you’ve just been on a brisk walk on a crisp evening.

And the cream blushes – Tender Pink and Soft Plum - give you that feminine touch with their sheer application. Vitamin E and castor seed oil are added for ultimate comfort and nourishment.

And let’s not forget the lips – Empress is the perfect fall accessory!

Its pure lip colour gives you a richness and high pigment, which translates to long-lasting and high colour. The deepest burgundy you’ve ever seen is the perfect way to get out of your daily lipstick habit of the colour you’ve been wearing since you were 17.

So while you are out getting new black suede knee-high boots covered in grommets and the coat with the woolen shawl collar, don’t forget to change your makeup too.

You’ll see what a difference it makes.

The new colours will be available September 15th at all participating TRUE locations.

Stephanie Dickison

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