Flexflop keeps my feet ship shape!

I am by no means a spa girl. But I do like to get a little pampered every once in awhile, even if it means doing it myself.

So I was thrilled when I came across flexflop!

Not only are these microfibre flip flops extremely comfortable, they fold up into the convenient case included, so you can now rush off for a pedicure, the beach or take them along to switch to in the care after wearing those towering 4 “ heels all day long.

The convenience factor is huge as they don’t take up anymore room than a small makeup case in your bag or luggage, and they aren’t heavy, so it doesn’t seem like you’re carrying around a pair of shoes at all!

They have a rubber sole so that you’re not slipping around on the floor and you can accessorize with different crystals to glam them up a bit.

I think they’re a fantastic choice for at the gym, while traveling and at home - and really anywhere where you want to be super comfortable.

There are cool gift sets with cases emblazoned with “rock star”, a skill and crossbones for full punk effect and even one that comes with a bathing suit, so you are instantly beach ready! They are fantastic gifts and just know I thought of 8 people that I’d like to get these for. Gimme another minute and I’ll probably have a laundry list of folks that could use a little pampering!

I’m going to keep a pair in my luggage, a pair at the front door and a pair in my tote to have at the ready.

My tired feet now have a fun, cool and comfy place to come home to! I am so excited!

Stephanie Dickison

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