Thong Alongs Are Sure to Get the Party Started – And Go Well Into Night!

I didn’t believe it when I saw it.

thong along: a disposable panty that uses human pheromones that are synthetically created and are 100% fragrance free. There’s no way that it would work.

I mean, I know that we all subconsciously respond to people's scent, but not in a panty. Come on.

But I was curious and wanted to see for myself.

And wouldn’t you know it – they worked!

Now, I don’t want to get into all of the personal details of how often I have sex or how my fella and I respond to one another, but I didn’t tell him about them and every single time I wore the panties (which are extremely cute and very comfortable and resemble my own, which is why he didn’t know), well, we got it on. Like crazy.

I know the power of attraction and I know the scientific reasons for responding to someone else. But even with all of that knowledge, I find it completely astonishing that the panties worked.

Each and every time.

Guess what all of my girlfriends are getting for Christmas?

Stephanie Dickison

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