Sin in Linen Makes Your Home Fun & Sexy Again

Even though women have been baring all it seems, this summer, don’t you find that trying to find SEXY housewares is near to impossible?

I do like the clean, crisp look of the white hotel linens that everyone is doing, but it’s sooooo boring.

That’s why I was jumping up and down to have found SIN IN LINEN. With sheets, duvet covers, pillows and sleepwear (along with many other treats) covered in skulls or tattoo images such as a panther, girl in a bathing suit or hearts aflame, you will have a look guaranteed not to be the same as your friends!

I love that they offer vintage aprons and I was thrilled to get their switchblade and panther dish towels! I have been searching for cool dish towels for years and apparently, up until now, it’s been impossible to get anything except for country ginghams and embroidered chef hats and/or pasta bowls! I just love them!

And the Joie de Vie pin-up girl towels and skull shower curtain? Mmm.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but all of the dark wood and white walls is so tiresome. That’s why I’m craving Wallflower sheets, Swallows pillowcases, and the whole A-B-C set of girlie bath towels that are pretty much the coolest home accessory I’ve ever seen!

I can’t wait until we have the neighbours over next month for dinner… I betcha we’ll spend most of the night on the website, with them oohing and ahhing and placing orders.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying our naughty little secret before the word gets out!

Stephanie Dickison

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