The Loopbag Vanguard Messenger Bag Keeps Me Organized on the Go

Ahh. I remember fondly the days when all I had to bring with me was keys, wallet and a pack of gum. I remember having the tiniest purses, because who needed all that room if you weren’t going to use it?

How times have changed.

It seems that I pack up my whole office when I’m heading out now - paper and pen for interviews, laptop for writing and internet access, never mind all of the papers, menus, business cards and folders that come along for the ride!

So I went in search of a bag that could offer my comfort, space, compartments and style and I found it all at Loopbag.

The LoobBag Vanguard Messenger Bag is unique in its design with its “Total Opening” frame which allows you to open up the whole bag like a Venus flytrap, so you can get to everything and see everything, which I really appreciate.

There is a padded laptop sleeve (fits 14” laptops), so you know that your computer (read: whole life) is being taken care of – I’m calling it “downtown proof” because there’s so much jostling that goes on, whether it’s on the street or subway. I use to worry about my laptop getting banged up, but with all of the interior cushioning, it’s no longer a concern.

There’s lots of room for whatever else you need to bring along! Actually, there are even specific compartments for all your other stuff – there are pockets for your documents and files, accessories, cell phone, passport and even a “secret zipped cash pocket”! How cool is that?!

The bag is made from Tough Airguard waterproof nylon so you and your belongings will be protected from rain, sleet, snow, etc. It is also PVC free.

The strap has foam padding for optimum comfort and it comes in a variety of colours. I got the chocolate one with sky blue interior which is great for year-round use, but I like all of the variations (it’s always so hard to choose…)

I love my new Loopbag Vanguard Messenger Bag. I know that there are a lot of messenger bags vying for your attention, but how many of them are city-proof and keep your prized possessions in order?

Stephanie Dickison

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