Hammerpress Postcards, Cards and Art Prints Are A Fun Way to Stay In Touch!

It seems that a lot of people are leaving me these days.

Thankfully, my fella and love of my life is still by my side, but friends and family are moving to different parts of the globe and with email, it is difficult to show how much they mean to you when the body has emoticons, LOLs, etc .

So I went in search of original cards, postcards and art prints that would show how much I care and hopefully bring a smile to the face of the person receiving it.

I found it all at Hammerpress Letterpress & Design Studio, where the cardboard seems like it was just pressed that morning and the block images – everything from a Mexican wrestler and cowboy in the lurch to the smiliest girl you’ve ever seen!

I got a large art print saying “Bonjour means Hello & Howdy” to send to a friend currently in Europe and I’m sending another one of a silhouette man in a tux with 2 roosters (Maestro Mini Art Print) to my lovely neighbours whom I adore more than anything.

I love the original ideas and smart wit behind the designs. I mean, guaranteed you won’t see cards saying Shit!” on them at your neighbourhood store or gift enclosure cards that read “Fancy.”

I didn’t get it this time around, but I’m going to order the Chubby Cowboy 2007 Calendar , despite the year being more than half over already. It’s just so damn funny, I can’t imagine the kitchen without it.

And that’s the best thing about Hammerpress - You’ll see a card or print and think, “Yes. That is perfect for --------.”

And we all know that never happens with the cards from the corner store.

And it’s handmade – stamped, coloured, cut with great care and talent.

I can’t wait to send these cards out. The recipients are going to be so pleased and I’m going to order some just for myself!

They’re that good.

Stephanie Dickison

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