Summer Benefits

I love everything that Benefit Cosmetics does. So much so that I wrote about them before.

And once again they have come up with innovative and fun products - this time focusing on bringing out the glow of summer.

And whether you have pale skin like me or have a glow already, these products are sure to make you look - and feel - your very best!

If you are wanting the sun-kissed look, but are under wraps from the rays, Jiffy Tan and Glamazon are for you!

Jiffy Tan is a tinted body lotion that gives you that sexy glow without having to spend hours in the sun. It is fantastic and gives a really nice look (no orange streaks here!) and I used it to fill in the tans lines from my tank top when I wanted to wear a strapless dress to an event. My shoulders looked good enough to eat!

Glamazon is kind of the same thing, except you use it on your face - likely your forehead, nose and cheeks. After all, you wouldn't want to be all glowy and have it all end at your neck! It is a thin liquid so be sure to really blend it in - you don't want to be all stripey!

To further the G-L-A-M-O-U-R-O-U-S look may I suggest lining your lips or eyes with the gold Gilded pencil. It really makes your tan pop and made my green eyes even greener. Very cool!

And if you want something softer, Georgia's lightly scented peach powder is perfect for warming your skin in any season.

And don't forget your Smile Brightener! This unique gloss has a blue tinge going on, but results in making your teeth seem whiter and brighter and includes a minty taste that also freshens breath. That, accompanied by a healthy tan, is sure to turn some heads!

And of course, as always, the quality and fun, flirty packing of Benefit remains.

I just love their stuff.

And if the next time you see me, I'm all glowy, it's thanks to those lovely folks at Benefit.

p.s. This just in – their Gee… that was quick! Oil-free makeup remover for eyes and face works like a charm. It removed eyeliner, mascara – everything – in one fell swoop! My new favourite must-have!

Stephanie Dickison

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