Suki Skincare Improves Your Look

I am a low maintenance girl.

While I enjoy trying new things, I am not often one for systems or things that involve a bunch of steps. To clean my face, I want to do one or two things and be done with it.

So when my suki mini skin care kit arrived in the mail, the first thing I thought was “Oh oh. What have I done?”

I set up the 8 little bottles in my bathroom cabinet and fought the overwhelmed feeling and thought, “Just try it. It’ll be fine.”

Although it took a couple of days to not feel self-indulgent using more than one product at once, I was amazed to see how immediately they worked and how improved my skin looked.

Not that I have bad skin, mind you. But it was lackluster and needing a little boost, and with the suki kit, that’s exactly what I got. The kit included:

Exfoliating lemongrass cleanser

Concentrated facial toner with shitake, burdock and olive leaf

Facial moisture serum with carrot, myrrh and sandalwood

Complexion brightening cream

Hand and body velvet cream

Hand and body butter cream

Delicate moisture body oil

Moisture-rich cleansing lotion

These 100% clean, holistic skin care products were great to my skin and though I had to follow the instruction booklet for the first week, I got into the routine after that.

My favourite of them all, though, was the lemongrass cleanser. It took away all of my dry skin and left me with the skin of a newborn. I couldn’t believe the different in both look and feel! And it smells so lemony fresh that I found myself looking forward to using it every morning.

Although I will probably not keep up the pace of using all the products in tandem, I am enjoying using them on their own or in combination with a couple of the others in the kit.

I like that I can use them to fit into my constantly changing schedule and needs.
It’s a system that works with you.

Huh. How ‘bout that.

Stephanie Dickison

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