Spices: One Spoon and Sheet at a Time

Katie Luber and Sara Engram have created a line of fresh organic spices that are perfectly measured one teaspoonful and come 10 to a tin.

tsp spices are great if you are traveling or short on space in the cupboard. It also cuts down on using just a little bit from your jar and then the rest drying out beyond belief. This allows you to have fresh organic spices on hand at all times, ready for your next occasion, whether that’s tomorrow or at Thanksgiving. And just think – no spoons to wash!

Their spices are pure spices – no fillers or additives here. And they carry boxed sets as well as offering them on their own.

I got some great choices to perk up meals – organic korintje cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, dill weed, rosemary and oregano.

I think I’m going to add the cardamom to rice for a little something difference, all of them for a spice-rubbed chicken and might some chai or spiced pancakes. The possibilities are endless!

Fresh organic spices can now be had one teaspoon at a time.

I’m thinking of carrying some in my purse - By the way, would you like some fresh organic dill on your sandwich and some rosemary for your soup?

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Flavor Magic Gourmet Seasoning Sheets for meat, fish and poultry are a great option if you don't want to futz around with sauces, marinades, etc.

You simply place the flavoured sheet underneath your meat on a plate, wrap in cling wrap and put in the fridge for half an hour.

You don't even have to turn them over if you don't want to - the flavours come right through!

I like the ease of use and convenience of them. If you are looking for something quick and hassle free, these sheets are the way to go.

I did pork tenderloin in the Thai Red Curry & Basil one and it was delicately flavoured - not overpowering at all like some marinades but enough that you could taste it.

I did the Zesty Buffalo Wing with chicken thighs and it was equally as moist and delish!

You get 12 sheets per package, so they last a long time, and for me, I was thrilled to not to have to house another opened jar of sauce in the fridge!

There is no added fat, clean up is easy – just throw the sheet away – and you’re ready to go!

Both tsp and Flavor Magic spice ideas are a great way to cook if you’re looking for full flavour and convenience.

Happy Cooking!

Stephanie Dickison

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